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Wielka Krokiew (The Great Krokiew)

Wielka Krokiew - a ski jumping venue in Zakopane named after Stanisław Marusarz, built on the north slope of Krokiew (Rafter) Mountain in the Tatras. Officially opened on 22 March 1925, built in accordance with Charles Stryjeński design is the largest ski jump in Poland. Its current design point is located at 120 meters. The facility is popular with athletes because of its low accident rate and the relative ease of achieving good results. It is possibe to get over 140 meters on it, as the spectators have already seen. 

While staying in Zakopane, it is a good way to acclimatize and warm up the muscles before making the first mountain trip. Unforgettable views and a panorama of Zakopane long remain in the memory and certainly everyone will appreciate the courage of the ski jumpers.