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Krupówki Street

The representative street promenade located in the centre of Zakopane, constantly bustling, vibrant with life, full of tourists and all sorts of attractions. It is in this place that elegant restaurants serving both superb regional cuisine as well as elaborate dishes are situated. One may also find here eating places, pubs, all kinds of shops, institutions and street stalls selling souvenirs and oscypki (a smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk).

Moreover, a neo-Romanesque Holy Family’s parish church, built in 1896 to J.P Dziewoński specifications stands at the exit of Krupówki Street, at the intersection of Krupówki and Nowotarska Street. The church holds an interesting and antique St. John’s Chapel built in the Zakopane Style.

Krupówki Street begins at the foot of Gubałówka Hill, next to the lower station of Gubałówka hill funicular and it runs for over a kilometer southwards.