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Cemetery at Pęksowy Brzyzek and the old church

Kościeliska Street running along the Quiet Water stream, is the oldest street in Zakopane. It was in this street that first shops, markets and taverns in the whole of Zakopane were built. Additionally, the oldest wooden church in Zakopane, very often referred to as the Old Church stands at the intersection with Kasprusie Street. Right next to it stands the Gąsienica Family chapel and a churchard which bears the name of the Cemetery for People of Merit at Pęksowy Brzyzek. The three make up a sacred complex that is one of the parts of the Wooden Architecture Route. At the cemetary there is also Regina and Paul Gąsienica’s stone chapel (currently St. A.Swierad’s and St. Benedict’s chapel), built in 1810 - the oldest sacral building in Zakopane.